What is online review management?

A review management system is a tool that helps you manage your online reputation. If you don't have reputation management software, general review sites along with niche review platforms will need to be monitored manually. You can now participate more effectively in active online reputation management and help maintain your company's reputation while managing your business more effectively. Managing online reviews can be a big challenge, especially for business owners who have no previous experience in customer service, social media, or digital marketing.

The online reputation management service is about controlling what people see when they search for your business online. These practical online reputation management tools also make it easy for national and regional store chain managers to break down, allowing them to track performance in each of their stores. To learn more about your company's online reputation, fill out the form on the right to request a FREE reputation report. Online reputation management helps you avoid these scenarios and prepare for them, so you can nip the crisis in the bud.

In this post, learn what review management is, how to create a strategy for your company, and discover high-quality review management software that will help you optimize your process. While your company's online reputation is largely in the hands of your customers, there are things you can do to influence the online conversation. Online reputation management will help you manage these types of situations before they turn into a public relations crisis. Without a good online reputation management strategy, you may be tempted to cut corners in desperate times.

Instantly generate your brand's online reputation scorecard, complete with featured reviews, ratings, keyword trends, and more. In short, the key difference between the two is that reputation management includes the tracking of social media conversations, an optimized and accurate Google My Business profile and search results, in addition to review sites. In the end, it's true that managing online reviews can be overwhelming, especially for small businesses. It may or may not solve the problem, but even small gestures like this go a long way in protecting your online reputation and customer satisfaction.

Online review management involves proactively responding to comments on review sites such as Google, Facebook and other review sites, sometimes with a review management platform.

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